Address Boulders

Address rocks for the Okanagan Valley

Our solid one-of-a-kind boulders have the strength and durability to last a lifetime. They complement existing landscaping, while offering a unique personalized element that is tailored to your family. Contact us today to find out more.

  • Wildlife graphics on your address boulder
  • Address boulder signs in Kelowna, Vernon
  • Address rocks for the Okanagan Valley
  • A gorgeous engraved sunrise address boulder
  • Combine your house number with a colour graphic
  • Two house numbers

Address Rocks

  • A simple elegant engraved family name stone
  • Beautifully crafted family name boulder
  • Family Name Boulder Sign
  • Name boulders for the Okanagan Valley
  • Personalized landscape boulder
  • Custom made boulder signs for your garden
  • Show off your family name
  • Garden boulder with family name and graphics
  • Highlight your house in stone!

Name Rocks

  • An engraved boulder for your holiday home
  • A personalized rock for your garden decor
  • Stone signs for pet owners
  • Mix and max colours and messages
  • Personalized garden decor in Okanagan Valley
  • A welcome sign for your garden
  • Rock signs for Canadian homes
  • Set your hobby in stone!
  • A welcome sign for your house

Fun Rocks!